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Samantha Allen Bancillon

Samantha obtained her dance education by her parents, David en Claudine Allen-Kamoun.
During her education she participated in several competitions where she won silver and golden medals.

As an apprentice at Ballet du Nord she danced Serenade of G.Balanchine.

She received a scholarship for the School of American Ballet where she interpreted the principal part in Walpurgisnacht Ballet and Stars and Strips at the school workshop.

In that same year she got accepted to the New York City Ballet where she became soloist in 2007. She danced the whole company repertoire as well as principal parts in ballets of ao Georges Balanchine (A Midsummer Night's dream, The Nutcraker, Symphony in C,…), Jermome Robbins (Fancy Free, the four seasons, Interplay,…), August Bournonville , Merce Cunningham,É. She also danced rolls that were specially mad for her in ballets such as Brandenburg (J.Robbins), Mozart Piano Concerto (Peter Martins), The Beethoven Seventh (T.Tharp), La Stravaganza (A.Preljocaj),….

In 2008 she obtained her diploma as a Pilates instructor.

From 2000 till 2009 she danced important parts in the ballets of Jean-Christophe Maillot at Les Ballets de Monte Carlo.
She worked with guest choreographers such as W.Forsythe, Jiri Kylian, Jacoppo Godani,…

At this moment she joins Claudine Allen as a director and teacher at the Geneva Dance Centre.
She also started her own Pilates studio at the school.