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International Dance Course Antwerp

34rd International Dance Summer Course Antwerp from Saturday 30 June till Saturday 7 July 2018

With dance lessons for every level and age! During the course, more than 40 constructive dance lessons are given each day, during 8 days. The aim is to reinforce your technique in a pleasant way. Are you a beginner, more experienced or professional? There are classes for everybody!


New this year is the Horton class taught by Laurence De Sloovere.

The dancers will be introduced to this comprehensive modern dance technique of Lester Horton. Laurence teaches as one of the few this technique in Belgium.

This year the International Dance Course will offer an TAW AUDITION WORKSHOP by Regina Wielingen.
This lesson will be handed everything needed if one wants to prepare an audition. Going from preparing a resume to present yourself in front of a jury with a unique solo.


Barre à terre is an ideal complementary training to another dance discipline and teaches you to consciously deal with your body. It is a discipline with which you strengthen your muscles in the depth. With barre à terre you train all your body parts: the back, the abdominal muscles, and the legs.
The exercises are both calm and dynamic and have many advantages. As a dancer, this technique is a must: you learn to adjust small placement mistakes, you relax in a quiet way, your posture improves, you develop a nice line, dances more gracefully and finer. With lessons barre à terre the results do not stay out quickly: your muscles become longer and more streamlined.

Students at a professional level can enroll in the repertoire classes (double lesson duration). The works by famous choreographers or taught in these classes. For the students a unique opportunity to master a different style and making them increase their skills!
Get acquainted with the work of Jean Christophe Maillot, Jacopo Godani and Craig Davidson.